Wednesday, 15 May 2013

More Animations On The Way!

Hey VMComix fans!

I'm Fishy956, or James for short, and I'm here to bring some good news! Vlad (VMComix) and I are very close to finishing our grade 12 year at high school and this means that we will have much more time to put into making videos. I am also going to get a new desktop soon that isn't from the 90's so that both Vlad and I can work on one animation at the same time which will make the process much faster. I am planning on getting the new computer by the beginning of June so that is likely when our animation collaboration will begin.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Vlad's good friend from school. We have been in two animation courses together and a filming course or two. While he may be the bulk of the talent, I have helped with a few animations such as, "Steve: Thinking Differently", "Steve: Fishing Trip", and a few other projects that haven't been posted on Youtube. My channel is really bad, especially when compared to Vlad's, but if you are curious here it is:


If you have been craving some new videos then have no fear! New videos will be on the way soon!

James A.K.A. Fishy956