Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Rare Update from Fishy956

So I haven't posted anything here in awhile... but with the new Minecraft animation mere days from being released, I just wanted to contribute in my own wee way. So lately I have been doing lots in the world of multimedia (my university majors are Multimedia and Communications Studies... go figure). I just tried creating vector art for the first time last Sunday and oh boy was that ever time consuming! I mean, it wasn't as bad as making an animation but it was up there. I chose the best three things ever as my subjects for this experiment and they turned out okay I guess. I had to rush them a bit to hand them in but I couldn't not share them. I have also just recently and barely completed another short film for a 24-hour film fest. While I'd love to show you guys now, I can't until after October 3rd when the event takes place. Anywho, now that you know that I'm still alive and kicking, I'll leave for another year and forget about you all (just kidding). I'll try to remember to update you about the short film but until then, don't forget to disable mipmaps!
My favourite (and first) one.
Aunt Jemima in glorious vector format!
The worst one.