Sunday, 29 May 2016

Saturday, 21 May 2016


I just wanted to post an update in regards to where I'm at. I really don't know if anybody bothers reading this but in case you do, thanks for checking on me. The Skyrim short I mentioned in the last post unfortunately isn't finished yet (yeah total surprise) and will have to be postponed until later on this summer. The reason however is because I will be working full time this summer at Ubisoft Toronto as an animator, on a little game called For Honor. As a result I only really have weekends to spend on my own work but I'll try my best to get this animation done soon.

In the meantime I've put together a reel showcasing the stuff I've made over the last year (and a little before that). Some of it I've posted on this blog but a lot has just been sitting on my computer. I figured why not put something together, so enjoy! (There's a little preview of some shots from the Skyrim short):