About Me

My name is Vladimir Mokhov and I'm a 23 year old 3D artist/animator currently studying at Sheridan College. My main focus is character animation but I like to make my own films, and I enjoy every stage of production. 

I mostly work in Blender but I'm also proficient in Maya, including modelling, rigging, texturing, lighting, and of course animating. I think technical problem solving is my biggest strength but I really like learning all the different facets of storytelling as well. I like the challenges of not only knowing how to communicate an idea clearly, but knowing why it needs to be communicated. I believe it's what makes for better stories.

I've made douzens of personal short films since I was 14, many of which can be seen on my YouTube channel. They've predominately been focused around video games, as I've enjoyed taking existing concepts and reinterpreting them into my own story, to then share within a particular community. However I'm hoping to experiment within different genres and try different styles and methods. I also like to draw and do photography as well.